Thursday, October 24, 2019

I can Pray

An issue arises, and I am not sure how God would have me handle it. And the people involved just won't listen to reason. What can I do about it?

I can pray. 

... "The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much."
James 5

[Important]. George Muller

To ascertain the Lord's will we ought to use scriptural means. Prayer, the word of God, and His Spirit should be united together. We should go to the Lord repeatedly in prayer, and ask Him to teach us by His Spirit through His word. I say, by His Spirit through His word. For if we should think that His Spirit led us to do so and so, because certain facts are so and so, and yet His word is opposed to the step which we are going to take, we should be deceiving ourselves.

For instance: A brother in business thinks he ought to leave the house in which he lives, because it is not in a good situation. He wishes to know the Lord's mind, as he says, and prays about the matter. After a few days, unexpectedly, a house is offered to him without seeking after it, in a much better situation. The house is very suitable, as he thinks; the rent very moderate; and moreover the person who offers him the house tells him, that, because he is a believer he will let him have it at this cheap rent. There is, however, this scriptural objection in the way. If he goes into this house, he must carry on so large a business, to cover his expenses, that his time will be so occupied as to encroach upon
those hours, which ought to be devoted to his spiritual interests. 

Now the scriptural way of deciding would be this: No situation, no business will be given to me by God, in which I have not time enough to care about my soul (Matthew vi. 33).

Therefore, however outward circumstances may appear, it can only be considered as permitted of God, to prove the genuineness of my love, faith, and obedience, but by no means as the leading of His providence to induce me to act contrary to His revealed will. 


Sunday, October 20, 2019

Marsha Burns: Simplicity

Marsha Burns: 

Simplicity is a place of strength.  When things get too complicated you lose concentration, and you could even lose sight of purpose.  Just get down to basics--the essence of who you are and what you must do to express yourself honestly, clearly and understandably.  Refuse to allow things in your life to get too complex or tangled, says the Lord. 

Psalm 51:10  Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.


Pray and be Patient

As Christians, we are given the gift of praying in the spirit where we know that what we pray is a perfect prayer, it’s just that sometimes we don’t know what is being prayed.  

I have an issue right now that I am praying about in the spirit because I don’t even know how to think about the situation. I will stay with praying in the spirit as often as I can until the situation is either resolved or I’m given instructions on what I am to do. 

I know that we get impatient, and we are in a hurry... but getting in a hurry can really mess things up. That is sort of like Abraham having a child with his servant before having his own son with his wife. 

You Are A Gift

Are You A Gift?

What did you do to us? vs  What did you do for them?  

It may seem that the Lord has sent you to an isolated and awful place filled with chaos and turmoil with hard hearted people ... or you might look at it like this… That the Lord has sent them YOU as a gift to bless them. 

We must keep the proper perspective in order to avoid bitterness and resentment and take a chance of losing our anointing to fulfill our calls for the Lord Jesus.