Good day to you. I am very glad you stopped by.  Welcome to The High Call.

I was called by the Lord into the Ministry years ago, in 1975.  I coasted in the world and it's way until I heard the Lord called me to come deeper into Him. My true walk began in 1997 and I have breathed after Him ever since. I want to share with you the many things that God, our Father, has shared with me.

I was born again in I970, commissioned into the ministry by the Presbyterian Presbytery in 1975, baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1976, łeft the church and left school in 1977 after becoming fearful of the charismatic movement, and returned again to the Lord and to His call on my life in 1991.

In order for me to help you know more about my theology, let me share I would love to have as personal friends.

Bobby Connor who is known as a gentle giant. I am blessed by His sermons, books, and have been in his meetings.

Rick Joyner who was the first to introduce me into a more comfortable way of thinking within the charismatic mindset.

Kenneth Copeland who introduced me to the covenant that we have the Lord.

John G. Lake showed me that healing is the Lord's will, and that the Lord uses those who have yielded their lives to Him.

There are more, and more that I would love to spend hours and hours listening and talking to about the Lord, His ways, and what great expectations we have ahead of us.

It has taken the Lord a long time to teach me, renew my mind, and help me grow in my understanding of the spiritual world and things that exist but we do not see on a day-to-day basis. Our culture here in the United States likes to talk about demons, goblins, hauntings, and all kinds of supernatural things, but they do not like to acknowledge the spiritual world in the kingdom of God that exists around us all daily. If it is not sinister to them, then it is boring. This is simply not the truth.

Walking with the Lord daily and hourly is the greatest adventure a human being can experience. I hope that I can put this message across to you in the posts that I make.  I am excited to share things and I hope that you will also share with me and others so that we can all learn things that are necessary for these end time days.


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