Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Earth Bound Christians

PS Peter Tan

This is my understanding in with my walk with God.

 Sometimes when you walk close with God, like Jesus walked close with God, there are no human beings who reach your level. Read Watchman Nee's book, 'The Normal Christian Life', and you will find that the rest of the Christians are abnormal. 

Most Christians are so earth-bound, and I find it sometimes a chore to fellowship with them. But you have to, because you have got to help them, you have got to come down to their level. They are so earth-bound they talk about carnal things, worldly things. Not that we are
not responsible in that area; we have got to plan, to carry out our earthly responsibilities, but I find the majority of Christians are earth-bound. Very few live in the heavenly realm.

Sometimes, when you walk very close with God and you look around, there is no one at your level, and it is lonely; no one understands some of those things of the spirit. 

It is not lonely in the sense you do not have God. You have God,  but every human being likes fellowship, We like people, but it gets lonely. Think about Jesus. Thirty-three years of His life, He lived with people who could not understand Him. He walked in a realm where nobody understood Him. 

Ps Peter Tan

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