Monday, May 29, 2017

What Is Charismatic Witchcraft?

What is 'Charismatic Witchcraft?'

Generally speaking, charismatic witchcraft is where a believer (meaning the person is born again) influences or affects you and the environment around you, either by praying or speaking contrary to God's will for your life.

Because there so little fear of God in our culture, it is easy to be a nominal christian. (Half hearted). There are very few checks and balances these days in comparison to days past. And yet, springing up in the midst of a congregation, pride grows like a weed. It's this pride in the middle of a heart that speaks out, "I know what is good for you." This is a foundation for the enemy to catch a ride on the winds of self-righteousness and inflicts it's venom into the life of any 'damsel in distress' (Male or female). If not recognized and shut down immediately, the victim slowly begins to yield to the pressures and becomes more willing to be influenced by someone else' path for their life.  Unfortunately, sometimes unknowingly influenced. Those christians who not stay in the word and in prayer are they most venerable to the witchcraft.

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