Tuesday, September 25, 2018


When a prophet suddenly gets intense, it usually means they are feeling and fighting with something spiritual that they can't explain yet with their mind. Don't take their sudden intensity personal. Just support them in prayer until they can sort out in their mind what they are clashing with in their spirit. Prophetic words of deliverance often come as a result of this.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Dick Eastman: Keep your Watch!

Dick Eastman

When Isaiah said of the watchman: “let him declare what he 

sees” (Isaiah 21:6) he was talking about what might be described 

as the prophetic dimension of a watchman. A watchman in ancient 

times was to be constantly alert to any impending attack of the enemy 

and to give warning to leaders of the city if he saw something of con-

cern. In our day this suggests that watchmen stay alert to what the 

Holy Spirit is saying during their watch and make what they see and 

hear in the spiritual realm a primary focus of their intercession.

No doubt the two great keys to serving as a watchman are 

summed up in the words “wait” and “worship.”

Friday, August 10, 2018

Jennifer Eviaz

An effective intercessor will see the sin of a leader or a nation and take responsibility for it. They don't angrily point the finger at it. They don't maliciously gripe about it. From the sincerest place of the heart, they repent for it as if they did it themselves. THIS creates an open heaven over the person, people, or the land to receive the conviction, healing, and deliverance from the Holy Spirit. #TheIntercessorsHandbook

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Cindy Jacobs

Many of you have been feeling like you are in a pressure cooker, a crucible. The Lord would say to you, "My child, you are going to come out of this as pure gold, for this is a season of refining. This is a season where I am asking people, 'Would you choose the difficult jobs in life for My kingdom? Would you be willing to go to the high places rather than to walk in low places where you just get by and you just take care of yourself and a few others?'"

"Ask Me for nations; ask Me for large things. Don't be content with living a small life. I want you to live a large life, for I have plans for you. I have destinies for you."

"I want you to be willing to step up to a higher level. It's time to go higher, not lower. I will let you choose what you want to do, but you will not fulfill the highest on your own. You might do My good will or My acceptable will, but you will not come to the perfect will that I have set for your life," says the Lord.

The Lord says, "If you have run with the horsemen and you are weary, then what will you do with the flooding of the Jordan? In the crucible time, in this time, My eyes are running to and fro. My eyes are searching to see those who I can use, those who I can trust, those who I can call upon to change situations that are difficult. I'm going to pour out an anointing upon the Jeremiahs of this generation, but it's going to take strength. It's going to take courage. It's going to take more than you have.

"It's a time to pull into Me," says the Lord. "It's a time to crawl into My presence if you have to. It's a time to be intentional about being a person of presence, a person who spends time with Me, a person of intimacy because if you do not crawl into that place in the cleft of the rock and let Me cover you with My hand, many of you will not be able to do what you could do.

"Don't whine and don't pity yourself when the crucible time comes," the Lord says, "for I promise you only the wheat, the hay, and the chaff will burn off you. It will not be those things that are lasting. As the fires of opposition come, know this: if you were not going the right way, there would be no fires of opposition. Take it as a challenge. Rise up and say, 'No. The greater one lives in me. This will not take me under. I'm going over. I'm going to be a champion in life. I am called to be victorious. I am called to triumph.'"

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Luke 18:29-30
“Truly I tell you,” Jesus said to them, “no one who has left home or wife or brothers or sisters or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God will fail to receive many times as much in this age, and in the age to come eternal life.”

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Jeremiah Johnson: Prophets Need Pastors

Prophets need pastors. 
Jeremiah Johnson 


Without the influence of pastors, prophets have the tendency to be harsh, arrogant, and disconnected from the saints. These two 5 fold ministries are the hardest to get to work together, but are also the most effective when they get along. 

Pastors impart compassion, tenderness, and personal care for the prophets. Without strong pastoral care, prophets remain wounded in their souls due to the amount of rejection that they face because of their calling. Pastors are focused on the present issues at hand while prophets are caught up in the future. Pastors typically slow things down while prophets want to speed things up. 

Pastors desire to counsel people while prophets would prefer to just cast the demons out. Pastors will sit with hurting and broken people for hours while the prophets want a quick solution now. Prophets just want to prophesy and leave, but pastors are willing to walk through the pain and trials of those who receive the prophetic ministry. Pastors love hospital visitation and more, prophets just want to walk in and raise the dead real quick. Every prophet needs a pastor and every pastor needs a prophet. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Father Knows Best

Our father God is something else isn’t He? I mean the way he does things is not always the way we think things should be done. Sometimes I think I could show him a simple away… But I always back down real quick when I get to thinking like that. Lol

I mean, seriously, how would you feel if you were Moses being chased by pharaoh’s army?

Think about it for moment, there Moses is in Egypt causing all kinds of problems to pharaoh and all the Egyptian people who call themselves masters. All those plagues and the tension as thick as mud. Talk about drama, with that many people Moses had more drama than you could shake a stick at. (that’s an old saying that I’m not quite sure what it means but I’m gonna l use it.)

And then finally Pharaoh let them go and they flee from Egypt to head out into the desert. But for this moment, they got it ‘made in the shade.’ They had a cloud to follow by day, and a fire to follow at night. 

They were perfectly tucked in with the hands of God and put on the exact path that God wants them to be on for their travels. That means they’re in the perfect will of God.

So there they are camping down at the Red Sea and somebody runs up with some really bad news .. Pharaoh’s army is now chasing them and has them pinned up against the Red Sea.

Can you imagine Moses in heaven right now sharing this story with people who just arrived and wanna hear all about it?

“There I was all peaceful and everything, thinking, finally now I can get some rest. I didn’t have a clue as to what father God had planned for us, but I knew by looking we weren’t going to be crossing the Red Sea. Little did I know.. lol.”

My point is this… We’re human and we have feelings, we have plans on how things can be done, we like to see things done in a logical and orderly way to avoid confusion. Not many of us wake up in the morning and say ‘I think that I’m going to ask the Lord for a Red Sea so we can cross on dry ground.’ If we knew that was gonna happen, it might be one of those days that we want to sleep in and hope it goes away. But the Lord does not always tell us what we’re going to be doing today. That is the mighty awesomeness of Him.

There is nothing he can’t do, and today might be the day that he takes care of some of those problems that you’ve been having. It’s just that we need to be careful that we don’t close the doors on Him because He might do something spectacular that we’re not accustomed to and get all nervous about it. Still nonetheless, let’s keep building our trust in Him, let Him do what He needs to do, let Him take us where we need to go.

Father knows best!

~~ <{{>< ~~

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Asking Simple Questions

About asking questions.  

There is a good way and a bad way. This takes discernment. Discernment means slowing down and thinking about what and why you are going to ask something.  This is one of those things James is talking about being slow to speak and quick to hear. 

This 'ask questions' is part of my gift.  I saw it in action a lot in college. When a class went stagnant, and it was too quiet, and the professor became uncomfortable as if no one was paying attention, I often would ask one single question.  This timely question would prompt life into the classroom again. The professor could answer my question, and then his answer prompted other students to ask deeper questions.  It was a God thing.  This is an example of a good way of asking a question.  One thing about this type of question. It did not come by the spirit of obligation. It came through the spirit of compassion.  Everyone was edified. The teacher was edified, the students and myself also.  

An example of a bad question.  When you are in a setting that you feel you must remain in and begin to feel an obligation to say something, like an icebreaker of the silence, this pressure comes by a wrong spirit.  The key word is obligation or feeling pressured to say something.  

Asking simple questions can boost another person's ego or show that you are interested in them and what they are all about.  

Asking questions can be a blessing or can be your curse.  Be wise. 

~ ~ I Believe! ~ ~ 

I got a headache last night. I don’t get headaches, so I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. I know I couldn’t think straight.  The only thing I knew to do was to cast any evil off and command my body to get in line with God’s will for me to NOT have that headache. 

I hate pain. That makes it easy for me to identify and quickly get on top of it. But we can get accustomed to things that oppose the Lord by slowly absorbing the things around us from the world.  Things can get left unattended and they begin to become a part of our makeup. That is why it is very important to keep our minds renewed with the Word of God. 

Krakowski: Break the Rules

Those of us who are called to do big things in the world are going to have to break the rules. You are designed to break the rules. You are designed to go against the flow. You are designed to deviate and come apart from that which is the norm. And the world needs you to do so. The world needs you to do so.