Saturday, September 14, 2019

Travel: We MUST Trust

I say to you that the Lord is not slack in His promises, as some would have you believe. 

Sometimes He is waiting on us to catch up with what He has revealed already, sometimes we get too busy with the activities that surround us, and sometimes we get scared away when the Lord starts getting too real to us.  Never been scared away?  I have. At least two big times and both involved "translation" from one place to another in the spirit. 

I had some really lame excuses too. Once was when I was on a midnight watch for work. As I could sense myself assending, I cried out that I could not get fired for sleeping on the job. I guess I was figuring that my body was going to be left behind. Anyway, immediately I could sense myself descending back. 

Oh, afterwards I felt awful. I must have apologized for days. 打

The next time has not been that long ago. It was the classic Paul like statment, "I don't know if I was in my body or not.."  I do remember hearing myself snoring. Lol. Anyway, for just a moment or two, I felt really strange. I felt like I was going somewhere and immediately thought, 'Now I understand what Kenneth E Hagin meant when he said that he did not get into traveling in the spirit that much because he was not sure he would be able to get back.' Instantly, it was over.  Again I felt awful and it was obvious I was not trusting the Lord. 朮

See?  The Lord was not the problem... I was. 

So, for now, I am cleaving to the promise that as I draw near to Him, He will draw nearer to me. I need this very much, as we all do, because we MUST trust Him with our whole heart. ☝️❤️☝️

He is our strength and our portion.

Be Raisable

Be Raisable

You can't be broken and downcast and at the same time serve the Lord as an instrument for the salvation of mankind.  

If dispair and misery is the only hope an unsaved person can see in you, then what hope is there for them?  


Man loves to see and seek. 
If what you reveal in your faith is a victory, victory will be sought by others.  


Jesus was a man 'full of great wisdom,' but if he'd lived in a leper colony covered lepercy, would they have sought him out?

~ Make a decision to get out of the dumps and Trust Him to raise you up.  


Friday, September 13, 2019

His Eyes See

~~ Bible ~~
Psalm 94:10-12 TPT

[10] Won't the God who knows all things know what you've done? The God who punishes nations will surely punish you! 
[11] The Lord has fully examined every thought of man and found them all to be empty and futile. 
[12] Lord Yah, there's such a blessing that comes when you teach us your word and your ways. 
Even the sting of your correction can be sweet.

~~ Shared ~~

I have dwelt in Babylon too long. I have become as a stupid fool. My ears have waxed closed with the corruption of forign gods, and my breath has shortened from the lack of heaven's Holy Wind.

Rescue and cleanse us, Holy God, from the godless influence that spews from their mouths. Rescue and cleanse us from their foolish boasting and denial of Your eyes seeing and ears hearing all that they do.

Send us Your Holy Spirit to blow away the chaff and set us free to do your will. All glory and honor be to You, our God, our Lord, our Savior, and our King.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

For the Fear of Man

For the fear of man, the joy of God is lost. 
For the fear of man, obedience is burdensome
For the fear of man, the door swings open for sadness and grief. 

But for the fear of God, the blessing begins. 


Your Wake

Leaders:. The servant in your ranks is a representative of your own heart for they walk in the wake you create.