Sunday, July 2, 2017


Someone asked me why I get up so early every morning, day after day. I got to tell you it's because I get Jesus all to myself. There's no one around, everything is quiet, I have his full attention, and life is just good. When I get up early, I am one jealous person. No one is allowed to interrupt my time. Sometimes I get up extra early and tip toe around the kitchen to get my coffee and then sneak off and my study where I have at least two or two and half hours all to myself. To keep the
peace, I have to take my dogs with me. They are small dogs, and old enough to want to go back to bed. But once I shut that door, Jesus is all mine.
I put on some music, pray in the spirit, read the word, and talk to Jesus. I I would talk to him about everything. My problems, the worlds problems, school, bills, the ministry, healing, things he did when he walked the earth, my neighbor's problems, my family's problems, the worlds problems… I said that one already. Anyway, I like the early morning hours because I have a monopoly on him, he's mine, and I don't share him. I get his full attention.
I love it. It makes my day. Do you know how many times he has told me that he's with me all day long when I'm out in the world? Hundreds. He has told me that 100 times. And I have reassured him over and over that I am OK right here in my own personal little spot with him. Lol. Know how many times do you think that flew? None. Lol. I'm really glad for my time in the morning with him alone, but I'm also grateful that he walks with me step-by-step every day and everywhere. Isn't he awesome? :)

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