Friday, March 17, 2017

Hagin: Ministry of Jesus as a Man

The Ministry o f  Jesus Christ
Kenneth Hagin

When you  discuss  the  earthly ministry of  the  Lord Jesus 
Christ,  most  people  immediately respond,  "Well,  yes,  but  He 
was the Son of God." And, of course, He was.
But what they fail to realize is that  He as the Son o f  God 
was  one  thing  and He  as  a  person  ministering  was  another  
thing. He did not minister as the Son o f  God—He ministered as  
a mere man anointed by
the Holy Spirit.

If  people  would  just  stop  and  think  for  a  moment,  they 
would see this  in the passage of  Scripture  we have just  been 
studying in Luke 4.
He was in His hometown of Nazareth on the sabbath day, 
went to the synagogue, and was given the scroll of Isaiah to read 
from.  He read the passage we just  studied:  "The Spirit  o f  the 
Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me. . . .  " After He 
had  finished  reading,  Jesus  handed  the  scroll  back  to  the 
minister, sat down, and began to teach the people.
He said,  "THIS DAY is this scripture fulfilled in your ears"  
(v. 21).
If  Jesus  had  been  ministering  as  the  Son  o f  God,  He 
wouldn't  have  needed  to  be  anointed.  Or,  if  He  had  been 
ministering  as  God manifested  in the  flesh,  would  God have 
needed to be anointed?  Who is going to anoint God?

In Philippians 2:7,  it says that  Jesus  "made himself  o f  no 
reputation, and took upon him the form o f  a servant, and was  
made in the likeness  o f  men.  " The King James Version  is a 
little  unclear  here.  Other  translations  say  He  "laid  aside"  or 
"stripped Himself" of  "His mighty power  and glory" when He 
came into this world, even though He was the Son of God.
He came as a man.  How did He do it? I don't  know.  The 
Bible says He did it, and I believe it!

As I've said many times, Jesus was just as much the Son of 
God when He was 21 years old as He was when He was 30 years 
old. He was just as much the Son of God when He was 25 as He 
was when He was 30. He was just as much the Son of God all  
those years—25,  26, 27, 28, 29, wasn't He? Yet in all of those 
years, He never healed a person or wrought a miracle!

How do we know this? Because the Bible says so. The Bible 
tells us that Jesus was anointed after He was baptized of John in 
Jordan,  and the Holy Spirit  came upon Him in a bodily shape 
like a dove (Luke 3:22). God spoke from heaven and said, "This  
is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased" (Matt. 3:17).

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