Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Touch Not His Anointed...


"What one does to the prophet is what one does to God. The spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus. When youtouch the prophetic man, you are touching the heart of God. The prophet is nothing in himself. It is neither his wisdom nor his words that are being exhibited. He is the mouthpiece and
expression of very God Himself. To touch him is to touch the very God who sent him.
To do him disservice, or assault, is to lay your hands upon God."

Nice clean cut churches with well dressed people feeling good about themselves and pleased about what they have accomplished are prizes in the kingdom of God.

Are they really?

Some of them, yes, they are the real thing-very genuine, and you can always tell by the look in their eyes and by the way they talk. One can feel good by being around them, never belittled nor lessened in their own eyes. They are treated as being valued.

But when someone begins to change the way they feel about themselves and must have the approval of the "better one; then an those clean cut clothes and fancy ideas have turned into poison and is drugging it's
victim into a slimy syrup of spiritual death.

What Katz writes about the true prophet is true, but the prophet better be sure of his / her standing
with God before making a bold declaration of "Touch me not...."

Prophets prepared in air conditioned
church buildings among popular peers will never he able to withstand a real storm.

And my friends, it's beginning to rain.

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