Friday, February 10, 2017

In Water Up To My Knees...

In water up to my knees...

Can you imagine being in a small fishing boat with the waves splashing over the sides in the wind that's blowing like a hurricane. The little ship that you're in has been tossed about like a bobber holding a 20 pound catfish. Your wet, in water up to your knees, and don't see any relief. Nope, you can't pull out your cell phone and look at the weather and see that it will be over in
10 minutes.
Imagine now that this is where you cry out to Jesus for help. But he is asleep, and he was sleeping really hard. He hasn't even noticed that you're taking on water and are in danger. So you wake him up, and looks at the wind and rain and then rebukes it. That is when the storms stops. And then he turns and looks straight at you, and then tells you that you have very little faith.
How would you feel?
I'll tell you how I think I would feel. And I'll be honest, I'm not so sure that the way I might feel is such a good thing. I would be frustrated and scared.
I'd be frustrated because how am I to know that he would rebuke the wind and
rain and then, just like that, it stops? And then I'd be frustrated because I didn't have the faith that he's talking about that I should have. That would really be a burr under my saddle. I'd be want to know how to get more faith. But this would be contingent upon how I handle my fear of this man who calms the sea.
So would you just run up to him and ask him, "Lord, help me to get more faith?" I think I would have to pinch myself and see if i was not just dreaming.
But you know what? I really think that Jesus would know how you feel and you would see his hand stretched out toward you, welcoming you to come closer to him and fear no more.
This is the Jesus we know, and that's why we stick around through thick and thin. He is just downright awesome!

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