Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Word Curses

Word Curses

We must break word curses spoken over us.

We must call them out and cancel them, like insecurity, inadequacy, and inferiority. Anything that keeps anyone bound.

Someone may say, "You are my spiritual daughter and always will be." if this Is not done in terms of endearment, then these are to be called out by name and cast down. What Is being done is They are spiritually controlling you. In essence, they are saying I am the one who made

you, so you will always be indebted to me.

Break all false prophetic words. These words must be cancelled.

Break The word curse in Jesus name, cancel them in Jesus name, do not come Into agreement with them. The declaration might look like this: I break every word curse-spoke over me that called me- (stupid..). I cancel them in Jesus name. I come out of

agreement with them and call them null and void, and of no affect upon me.

Pray and look for places where you can not get victory.

Ps 26: 2

Source Unknown. 

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